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This is a universal robotic intelligent system, which will be implemented in all sectors of the economy, through the renovation of existing production and logistics systems.

Major industries
for integration
of URIS systems

URIS (Delivery/Mover/Robotics/Maker) series universal robots can be used in any field, forming a single system where all areas of the economy are interconnected and interact seamlessly with each other.


URIS Delivery/Mover robots in this industry are used to move passengers and goods in the Cyber Logistic System


Versatile robots using manipulators and hand tools will build UTech infrastructure


Robots act as utilities, automatically maintaining UTech's infrastructure, clearing snow and debris 24/7


Production of environmentally friendly products robotically by means of cyber-systems


Industrial assembly line production of robots and components for UTech infrastructure

URIS Intelligent Robot

It is the same multifunctional robot that is absolutely versatile for any purpose and integrates into most industries.


A detailed description of the startups and
ideology of UTI.

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