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Cyber Industry

A UTech startup aimed at creating a technology infrastructure for UTech industrial manufacturing. It includes:

Cyber Hub
Cyber Factory
Cyber Agro
Eco Smart Energy System (2ES)
Cyber Mining System

Cyber Hub

Transportation and logistics and sorting center, where the processes of loading/unloading and further distribution of cargo for subsequent delivery to the consumer take place.

The EcoBot for trash and recycling will also be in the Cyber Hub, where trash comes in via a capillary system.

Cyber Factory

Manufacturing plants for robotic production of robots, components and building materials to build UTech infrastructure.

Cyber Agro

Universal robotic agro-industrial complex UTech, aimed at growing environmentally friendly agricultural products and delivery to the consumer through the CLS system.

Advantages of Cyber Agro organic farms

  • Reducing the cost of production;
  • Fast delivery of fresh food through the CLS system;
  • Deliveries directly from production to the consumer;
  • Ecologically clean and healthy products;
  • Total robotization and reduced production costs;
  • Transparent pricing, as all transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

Eco Smart Energy

A system for generating renewable electricity in the form of a wind power plant powered by overpressure inside the tunnels created by the moving transport modules, as well as by wind in the atmosphere, solar panels, and from the burning of garbage.

All of the transportation logistics and related infrastructure designed by UTech Industries will run exclusively on renewable energy sources (RES) generated by the system itself.

In the future, UTech plans to create robotic logistics for the development of hard-to-reach deposits of rare earth metals.

Cyber Mining System

Robotic industrial mining system using unified robots from the URIS series, designed to work in harsh environments.

A separate area of development is the

Program "Leonardo"

It is proposed to CONFORM your personal car to electric drive using ready-made "Eco-kit" kits, thereby significantly reducing maintenance costs and reducing the emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere, reducing them to zero.


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