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Cyber Building

Represents an environmentally friendly robotic construction system with the URIS Robotics series of robots:

Smart Home Space
Smart Business Space
Smart Cyber Way

Features of construction

The startup Cyber Building System is based on the technology of bored piles by A.V. Veselov, block construction, as well as the technology of carbon rope reinforcement and manufacturing of heavy-duty carbon fiber-reinforced plastic elements.

Using blocks of the same size - UV (200x200x400 mm), you can quickly, economically and robotically with the ONLY robot series URIS Robotics erect buildings and cyber-alley, changing depending on the complexity of the object tension ropes and material in the manufacture of blocks for strength.

Cyber Building System

by the example of Smart Home Space


Cyber Eagle Eye drone scans an area with mm accuracy, analyzing topography and communications


From the information obtained, a draft of a bio-efficient house is drawn up


Part of the Cyber Logistic System is brought to the allotted area for the robots to deliver building materials and remove construction debris


The project with the prepared software is transferred to the control system of each of the robots according to their tasks


Robots make the foundation
by a special technology


The same robots, but with different construction attachments on the mounting plane erect the roof and then the walls on a top-down basis


Interior decoration of the house and construction of furniture made of biopositive materials that are favorable for health

Cyber Building System

Robotization of all processes: from
production of building materials to
finishing cleaning

Green construction,
without harming nature

Low cost of production

Reclamation of deforested
forests under the remediation program

Affordable smart housing of high
quality for everyone

Delivery of the object in the shortest possible time

Integration into Cyber
Logistic System

Saving on labor
and equipment

Construction of
bio-efficient buildings

Using the technology of laminated
block from low-grade wood


A detailed description of the startups and
ideology of UTI.

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