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An international company developing an innovative startup that can solve existing logistical and environmental problems today.


Introduce a unified robotic system solution in which fabrication, delivery, moving passengers, building homes, and infrastructure would be accomplished with unified robots and artificial intelligence.


contribute to a smart, comfortable and environmentally friendly future for people all over the planet, without destroying the usual appearance of cities, but only by modernizing it through renovation.


Author of UTech technologies, Expert in global development and macroeconomic forecasting, D. in Economics, futurologist, specialist in the development of innovative technologies.

Head of the engineering center

The chief engineer and designer is Vitaly Ivanov. He became The incarnator and follower of all the innovative ideas of Sergey Anatolievich.

The UTech engineering center is located in the Moscow region. Together with Sergey Anatolievich, who The idea inspirer, we are developing the first prototype models of robots, as well as a A demo booth, where the Cyber Logistic System will be shown

V.I. Ivanov, the head of the Cyber Logistic System. V.Ivanov

Engineering Center

The engineering center of Vitaly Ivanov has many machines created by him, on which the first Cyber Gopher robot was later created.
. In addition, Vitaly has already presented a demo booth and is preparing to show the first models of the UTech cyber transport.